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Avigrain stands for VALUE FOR MONEY.
Premium breeder’s quality birdseed mixes at top quality prices.

Wild Bird              20kg     $24.00

Budgie Green     1.5kg     $ 9.00

                                5kg        $22.50

                                20kg      $50.50

Small Parrot        20kg      $39.50  





Finch Red            1.5kg     $ 9.00

                                5kg       $22.50

                                20kg     $49.50

Peach Face         1.5kg     $ 9.00

                               5kg        $22.50

                               20kg      $49.50

The Avigrain BLUE birdseed range is the best money can buy. More expensive ingredients like fruits, nuts, canary seed and panicum make the Blue Range the choice for those wanting to treat their birds or give them the very best. 

Budgie Blue          20kg   $55.00

Cockatiel Blue      20kg   $43.00

Finch Blue             20kg    $55.00

Parrot Blue            1.5kg   $ 9.00

                                  5kg      $24.85

                                  20kg    $52.00

Troppo Blue         1kg       $12.00

                                 15kg     $88.00

Please head over to to have a look at the seed mix that you require.


Sprouting Seed 1.5kg   $12.00

Hulled Oats 1.5kg         $9.00

Millet Spray 100g         $6.90

Egg & Biscuit 1.5kg      $18.00



Avilife Dry Honey                    1.5kg       $18.00

                                                     5kg      $49.95

Avilife Wet Honey                     1.5kg      $19.00

                                                      5kg       $50.00

Avilife WET/DRY Mango           1.5kg      $20.95

                                                      5kg       $70.00

Avilife Stawberry & Coconut    1.5kg     $19.95





Vetafarm Pellets


Vetafarm is Australia’s leading innovator in companion animal health and welfare. With all products being focused on improving animal welfare Vetafarm prides itself on producing the best for your birds.


Nutri Blend Mini Pellets 2kg $26.00ea

Nutri Blend Small Pellets 2kg $29.95ea

Nutri Blend Large Pellets 1.6kg $26.00ea

Parrot Essentials 2kg $26.00ea

Parrot Breeder Pellets 2kg $30.00

South American Mix 2kg $28.00

Nectar Pellets 2kg   $28.00

*Prices Subject to Change

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