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Frozen/Raw Food

Raw 4 Paws


Beef is an excellent choice for cats and they love the taste

Beef is a high source of iron and excellent for cats suffering from anemia.

Raw 4 Paws Beef also contains beef heart which is a natural source of Taurine, an essential amino acid that cats need for healthy heart function. 

Beef Patties 8 x 200g     $23.95 per packet




Proudi is the first Raw Feeding solution that is full of so much love, it's shaped like a heart! It's a complete and balanced, pre-portioned, raw frozen diet. 

It is 97% Australian meat and organs with ground bone. Naturally complete and balanced and ideal for everyday feeding.

What else is great about Proudi:

- Made with human grade recipes

- Snap frozen to reduce formation of ice and maximises nutrient stability.

- Complete and balanced diet, formulated to provide all the nutrients needed for your cat to thrive

Feeding Guide:
Check the packaging to ensure you're feeding your cat the right amount of food. Always provide fresh, clean water for your pets and do not overfeed. It's important to transition your pet properly to Proudi by slowly increasing the amount of Proudi food at feeding time while decreasing their old diet.

Kangaroo & Beef 1.2kg  $24.95

Turkey & Chicken 1.2kg  $24.95



Canine Country


Grain Free, Preservative Free, No Additives!!!!!

Canine country pet food have developed our own special diets with a different flavor variety to suit all dogs & cats & there respective dietary needs.

Canine Country for cats come in 1kg portion packs

Chicken     $10.95

Kangaroo  $10.95


*Prices Subject to Change

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