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Hanging Chicken Feeder, Green & White come in many sizes

This shape chicken feeder is popular among Australian poultry owners. This is because they are cost-effective, easy to use and are available in a range of sizes depending on your needs.

It is designed to be hung just above the ground to prevent pests from scurrying into the feed. It also stops chickens from stepping in their food and contaminating it with faeces.

The plastic used is durable and has been treated to ensure that it is UV resistant. 

- Easy to fill through hole in top.

- Adjustable to control food flow or make it appropriate for different sized grains or pellets.

1.5kg     $9.95

5kg        $22.95

5.5kg     $23.95



Chicken Waterer, Green & White come in many sizes

The ball type waterer is a popular shaped water container for chickens. The design provides them with a day's water supply whilst preventing them from soiling it. This small size waterer is ideal for small chicks who are still contained to their brooder.

Durable plastic is durable and it has been treated to ensure that it is UV resistant. 

Base is steady to prevent knocking.

The top easily twists away from the base for easy refill

1.3L      $8.95

2.5L      $15.95

4L         $17.95




Straw Hay 

Small bag   $4.90

Large bag   $8.90

*Prices Subject to Change

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