Dry Food

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This wonderfully complete & balanced Holistic super premium dry food that is manufactured to exacting ethical standards of quality, performance, economy and safety using only the finest natural ingredients including Goat, Kangaroo, Lamb, Salmon, Sardine and Turkey. With the full range being Gluten Free & Hypoallergenic. They have Grain Free & now single protein range witch both are ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.  MfM is 100% Australian Made and Owned.

MFM Gluten Free with Brown Rice & Veg

Puppy: Turkey, Salmon and Sardines 

2.5kg    $35.00 

9kg       $90.00 

20kg     $140.00

Kangaroo and Lamb 

2.5kg    $30.00 

9kg       $75.00 

20kg     $143.00

Salmon and Sardine 

2.5kg    $30.00

9kg       $75.00

20kg     $140.00

Turkey and Lamb lite 

2.5kg   $30.00

9kg      $75.00

20kg    $140.00

MFM Gluten & Grain Free 

Puppy: Turkey and Chicken 

2.5kg   $35.00

9kg      $90.00

20kg    $152.00

Salmon and Sardine 

2.5kg   $35.00 

9kg      $90.00 

20kg    $152.00

Duck and Turkey 

2.5kg   $35.00

9kg      $90.00

20kg    $152.00

Dog: HP (High Performance) 

9kg     $90.00 

20kg   $152.00


MfM Single Protein Gluten & Grain Free


2.5kg   $30.00

14kg    $99.00


2.5kg   $35.00

14kg    $114.95


2.5kg   $35.00

14kg    $114.95


2.5kg   $35.00

14kg    $114.95



Evolution specializes in the distribution of our own Australian Holistic Premium Dry Pet Food. Just as the quality of what we eat impacts our way of life, so too does the food we feed our pets. The Evolution range of Australian Holistic premium foods provides your pet with a nutritionally balanced formulation that is 100% Australian Made and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The entire range is made with real meat that provides optimum nutrition for your dog & cat.


Growth & Vitality Lamb with rice 3 kg  $26.95                           

Growth & Vitality Lamb with rice 15 kg $85.00


Health and Mobility (Chicken and Fish with Rice & Peas) 3kg $26.95

Health and Mobility (Chicken and Fish with Rice & Peas) 15 kg $85.00

Immunity & Digestion (Lamb with Rice) 3kg $26.95

Immunity & Digestion (Lamb with Rice) 15kg $85.00


Adult Grainfree

Skin and Intestinal Health (Chicken with Duck & Vegetables) 3kg $29.95

Skin and Intestinal Health (Chicken with Duck & Vegetables)   15kg $112.00

We also Stock Royal Canine.

*Prices Subject to Change