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Aristopet Poultry Wormer, 125ml   

All birds can pick up worms during their lifetime, which is why it's important to worm them. If your bird contracts worms they might suffer from diarrhoea, weight loss and weakness. In extreme cases it can also result in the death of your chicken or turkey. It's easy to administer, just add the recommended dosage of syrup into your bird's drinking water.

Treats hairworm, caecal worm and roundworm in chickens, duck, geese, turkeys and other food producing birds.




25g Sachet  $16.95

Coopex is a water dispersible powder, which is mixed with water to prepare a residual insecticide for controlling a wide range of household insect pests, both indoors and outdoors.

-  Effective against a wide range of pests. 

-  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

-  Can be used in a variety of situations. 

-  Provides up to 4 months control. 

-  Flexible mixing rates depending on degree of infestation.


Vetafarm Free Life Synbiotic


Vetafarm Free Life Synbiotic 150g


This top of the range probiotic from Vetafarm has been created especially for chickens to help boost their immune systems. The probiotic blend can be added to food and also helps to improve digestion.


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