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Frozen/Raw Food

Raw 4 Paws

The philosophy behind RAW 4 PAWS ® is to provide a healthy, natural, balanced and biologically appropriate diet of the highest quality for your best friend.

Their pet food is made with dedication and only the freshest ingredients, carefully selected and composed, to maintain healthy skin and joints, a shiny coat, healthy digestion and easy weight control.

Raw 4 Paws is 100% Australian owned.

Available in 5 proteins and 2 different size packaging.

Containers 1kg and  Patties 8 x 200g per packet.


Containers   $9.95     

Cartons        $19.95


Containers   $12.95

Cartons        $23.95


Containers   $13.95

Cartons        $29.95


Containers   $11.95

Cartons        $22.95


Containers    $12.95

Cartons         $24.95


Container   $13.95

Cartons      $23.95



What Is Proudi®

Formulated by expert food scientist and pet nutritionist

* Naturally complete & balanced with human grade ingredients

* Minimally processed in human grade facility

* Properly portioned, uniquely shaped, and conveniently packed

* Features at least 95% boneless meat, whole organs, and ground bone

* High in protein, moderate in fat, extremely low in carbs

* No excessive bone, no hazardous bone fragments

* No grains, no rendered products, no fillers, no harmful chemicals


Chicken 14 x 200gm Patties    $34.95

Beef 14 x 200g Patties          $34.95

Red Comb 14 x 200g Patties  $36.95

Kangaroo & Beef 14 x 200g Patties      $35.95

Turkey & Chicken 14 x 200g Patties $34.95

Feeding Guide

There’s a feeding guide on the back of every Proudi® bag. The amount of food needed by your dog will vary depending on breeds, life stage, activity level, environment, etc. Use our guide as an initial reference, and adjust the feeding volume to achieve your dog’s ideal weight or condition. Feed puppies, pregnant and lactating mothers up to twice the normal daily amount. It's fine to either feed equally every day, or to balance the amount over a period of several days.  Ensure your dog has access to clean, fresh water at all times.


The feeding guide pictured is an example from the Beef, Chicken and Red Combo recipes. 

Please note: if you feed turkey it is a much leaner meat and you may need to provide extra food to reach the same caloric intake.

(Or go over to my Facebook page to see the Feeding Guide)


Canine Country


Why Feed BARF

Improvements in the animal’s skin and coat are one of the first things you will notice. Skin allergies and irritations with constant scratching and biting disappear, resulting in no more evet bills, cortisone or medicated washes.

Leaner body mass. Pets generally gain increased lean muscle mass, increasing the animals metabolic rate and energy levels. The natural ripping and chewing involved in eating raw meaty bones develops the neck. Jaw and shoulder muscles of the dogs.

Naturally, beautiful clean white teeth, no gum disease and no doggy breath. Tearing and ripping flesh from the bone not only flosses the teeth but also stimulates the flow of digestive enzymes in the stomach and intestines. No need for expensive veterinary treatment and risky anaesthetics in order to have the teeth de-scaled.

Canine Country comes in 1kg Rolls & 1kg Portion Packs.

(Starting from $6.95per/kg)

Puppy Mince

Composite White

Composite Red






Inner Health

Please phone or come in store for more information & prices.



Roo Mince        1kg    $9.95

Chicken Mince 1kg    $5.50



Lamb Necks Split - $3.00

Beef Brisket Bone - $6.95

Beef Morrow Bones Split - $8 

Chicken Necks: 1kg - $6.95

Kangaroo Tails: 2kg - $15.95

Turkey Necks 1kg - $9.95

Chicken Frames 1kg - $4.00

*Prices Subject to Change

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